What is A Top up program ???

A Top Up program is a course which supplements learners existing qualifications to that of a full undergraduate degree. Undergraduate Top Up courses provide an access point for students to join the second or final year of study for a Bachelor’s Degree. This means that students who have been studying on other types of Higher Education courses such as a HND can study towards a three year Bachelor Degree without the need to start from the first year.


HND + Top – up = Bachelors Degree

Is a Top up qualification equal to a full 3 year Bachelor’s Degree?

A Top up qualification is the same as a three year Bachelor’s degree.  In effect, a 2 year Edexcel HND qualification is no different to year 1 and 2 of a Bachelor’s degree and graduates completing a HND + top up will qualify with the same qualifications as those graduating from a full three year Bachelor’s degree.

Why do a HND + Top up..?

One of the main advantages ofthis pathway is that it offers many students a flexible route of study within UK Higher Education. Those who choose to study HND qualifications and progress onto an undergraduate top up course will gain both an HND qualification and a Bachelor’s degree at the end of three years of study.

An HND Top Up graduate will be equipped with an internationally recognized level 6 qualifications plus a level 5 vocational HND qualification, and due to the flexibility of the study route they have taken may also have a year or more of professional experience. Despite the current economic climate, in addition to having HND qualifications, completing a Bachelor’s degree awarded in a UK University or college, is still proven to increase Higher Education graduates career prospects in the long term. Employers prefer to recruit graduates who have a UK Bachelor’s degree over those who do not have one. Bachelor’s degree graduates develop a more diverse set of transferable skills such as written and verbal communication, analytical and problem-solving through their studies.


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